Pet Health, Education, Training, & Product Resources

Below are valuable links to various websites feature information ranging from your pet’s general health & well being to pet training & products. We realize that you are constantly seeking information on how to improve the quality of life for your family pet. Stonebriar Veterinary Centre, is committed to supporting your goal and we feel these resources will help assist you. Enjoy!

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Educational Pet Videos

Aunt Stacey’s Cats Videos
Aunt Stacey’s videos are all about sharing the philosophy of Compassionate Cat Grooming and the appreciation of Feline Behavior

Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Owner information about Cat Friendly Practices

A Cat Friendly Practice creates a safe, low-stress atmosphere for feline patients, while providing the highest quality standard of care. Our veterinary team has advanced training to perform the veterinary care that cats specifically require with the special attention they need.

Health and Wellness

Veterinary Partner

Veterinary Partner

Do you have questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or safety? is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network…

Take a deep breath, and relax; we’re here to help you. Cat diabetes is a treatable, manageable condition. You can maintain your sanity and your cat’s health, all on a reasonable budget. Our pet health articles contain the information that you need to understand this disease and assist you in treatment. Our message board is an invaluable resource for cat owners, just like you…

House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with two primary goals: 1.To rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them and 2.To educate the public and assist humane societies, through publications on rabbit care, phone consultation, and classes upon request.

Pet Loss Grief Support – rainbow bridge story, message board, chat room, poems, list of books, links to other pet loss sites, lists of support groups and hotlines…

Cornell Feline Health Center

Cornell Feline Health Center

At the Cornell Feline Health Center, we strive to provide help for cats worldwide today while also promoting the hope for improved feline health tomorrow.

Payment Plans & Insurance

Care Credit pet insurance

Care Credit

Perhaps your family pet needs a surgery you didn’t plan for. But if your insurance doesn’t cover all the costs for the procedure you want and need, where do you turn? CareCredit, a GE Money Company, gives you convenient payment options so you can get the procedure you want, when you want it….

Pets Best Insurance

Pet’s Best Insurance

We’re pet owners and pet lovers, too. We never want you to go through the pain of having to put your animal down simply because you don’t have any help to pay the bill. Simply the Best Pet Insurance in America for Your Pets Our customers trust us to help them keep their pets healthy. We take that responsibility seriously by providing the highest benefits in the industry, should your dog or cat need veterinary care…

Training / Animal Behavior



With its patent-pending design, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirt…

Dr Sophia Yin

Dr. Sophia Yin – The Art & Science of Animal Behavior

Dr. Sophia Yin knows what it’s like to have a problem pet and nowhere to turn for professional help. And she has witnessed countless fractured relationships between misunderstood pets and their frustrated humans companions. As a result, her mission in life is to improve our understanding of animals and their behavior so that we can care for, appreciate and enjoy our time with them better.

What A Great Dog Training

What a Great Dog! Training Center

What a Great Dog! Training Centers offers group classes, private lessons, and other professional services at our two expansive indoor facilities in the Dallas Metroplex. Located in Frisco and Richardson (opens Fall 2016), each facility is approximately 16,000 sq. ft. and includes an Agility arena, two training rings, private consult rooms, seminar space and a retail shop.

Clicker Training

Clicker Training – positive reinforcement training

Desirable behavior is usually marked by using a “clicker,” a mechanical device that makes a short, distinct “click” sound which tells the animal exactly when they’re doing the right thing. This clear form of communication, combined with positive reinforcement, is an effective, safe, and humane way to teach any animal any behavior that it is physically and mentally capable of doing…

Retail Products

Home ID pet recovery

Home Again ID – looking out for your pet

Proactive Pet Recovery helps you look for your pet. HomeAgain sends out lost pet alerts to veterinarians, shelters, and PetRescuers surrounding the area in which your pet was lost. HomeAgain also allows you to easily create a “Lost Pet” poster that you can print and post in the neighborhood…


Oxbow Hay – pet bedding

We appreciate every step we’ve taken, from a single field of hay 125 years ago to today’s award-winning, internationally-recognized consumer brand. We couldn’t have done it without the partnership of veterinarians, scientists, industry professionals and others who have helped us blaze a path to superior small animal nutrition…

Premier pet products

Premier Pet Products

Premier was founded by pet-people, for pet-people. We believe in providing safe, innovative and effective tools that help improve relationships between people and their pets. We’re committed to developing products that improve the relationship between you and your pet. From behavior tools to gorgeous apparel, from fun toys to delicious treats, we have you and your dog’s best interests at heart…

Veterinary Associations


Texas Veterinary Medical Association

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in veterinary medicine and to educating the public about animal health. The association represents the veterinary profession and related industries in Texas, and about 75 percent of licensed DVMs in the state are members…

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 76,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. Structured to work for its members, the AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession…

Association of Avian Veterinarians

Association of Avian Veterinarians

The Association of Avian Veterinarians was established in 1980. The Association membership is comprised of veterinarians from private practice, zoos, universities and industry, as well as allied personnel and students. AAV is an international professional organization of practitioners advancing and promoting avian medicine, surgery, stewardship, and conservation through education…

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual dog trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education. The APDT offers individual pet dog trainers a respected and concerted voice in the dog world. We continue to promote professional trainers to the veterinary profession and to increase public awareness of dog friendly training techniques…