Our Facility

Stonebriar Vet Centre client reception area

Client Reception Area

Step into the Stonebriar difference at our client reception area, where friendly staff check you in swiftly with our advanced system. Enjoy our spacious atrium, cat condos, and calming fountain while browsing items for purchase. Families with children can take advantage of provided toys and books, with multiple service desks for added convenience.

Private cat and dog exam rooms

Private Exam Rooms

Our multiple exam rooms at Stonebriar Veterinary Centre cater to pets of all sizes, ensuring their comfort and thorough examination. Featuring a padded lift table for large dogs and a feline-only room with calming Feliway, each space is equipped with x-ray viewers and diagnostic tools. Anatomical models enhance client education, and our computerized system allows for seamless check-ins and check-outs, providing a private, clean, and comfortable experience for you and your pet

Stonebriar Veterinary Centre Treatment Area

Treatment Area

Our Treatment Area offers inpatient and outpatient care for your pet’s medical needs, with separate dog and cat ICU areas. Equipped for in-clinic testing and x-rays, our three treatment stations handle procedures from blood collection to dental care in a quiet, safe environment.

Frisco Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery

Stonebriar Veterinary Centre offers comprehensive surgical and anesthesia services, specializing in soft tissue surgeries. Our well-equipped surgical suite prioritizes safety with electronic monitoring, specialized instruments, and attentive nursing care. Most patients go home the same day, with some cases recommended for continued hospital care based on individual needs.


Stonebriar Veterinary Centre provides onsite x-ray capabilities, including dental x-rays, to aid in diagnosing various medical issues in pets. Radiographs are crucial for diagnosing conditions such as heart and bone diseases, dental issues, abdominal problems, and more. Our veterinarians promptly review and discuss the radiographs with clients in the exam room, ensuring a clear understanding of your pet’s medical situation. Additionally, ultrasound services are available, with exams performed within 24 hours and results reviewed by a board-certified radiologist for comprehensive care.

Veterinary Radiology