Dog Day Care Services

This service helps give our clients and patients a place to come and enjoy the clinic while helping to develop a friendly and confident dog. The interactive aspect of this service can helps with early socialization skills and gives them a positive experience in our hospital. They will drag you in the door!

We have a 1/3 acre outdoor play area with abundant natural shade trees. Our staff will monitor them closely and keep them occupied with toys and games of fetch.

Due to limited indoor space we can accommodate up to 10 dogs daily. This provides adequate room and personalized care. We provide this service for dogs up to 4 years of age and under 65 pounds.

Dog Daycare in Frisco Texas

Outdoor Dog Run

Our outdoor area is different than anything else you can find in the Frisco TX Outdoor Dog Run at Stonebriar Veterinary Centre – Frisco, TX or the surrounding communities of Dallas, Plano or McKinney (TX). In addition to its large size, there are many large natural shade trees and open fencing so they can fully view all their surroundings.

Your dogs will have lots of freedom to run and play. Included in their stay is at least three daily off leash exercise times to interact with our staff and other dogs in our care. The large yard allows them plenty of room to play chase with each other, fetch a ball, or just stay busy sniffing around the trees and bird watching.

Dog Boarding at Stonebriar